Meet the Dr.

Dr. Jodi L. Rice, D.C. graduated as one of the top students of her class from Palmer Chiropractic College Florida and has been a licensed chiropractic physician practicing in the Orlando area for many years. She has recently created her own practice, Ferncreek Healing Center, as she wanted to create an environment that allowed the patients direct one on one access to the doctor. Although medically inclined, Dr. Rice recognizes the importance of the mind body connection and the role which stress plays on the body.
She participated in clinic abroad in which she was directly involved with adjusting thousands of underprivileged people educating them of the benefits of chiropractic care. Dr. Rice is also involved with local/and national Charities, including in which she plays a crucial role to increase fundraising donations.
Chiropractic may help many different conditions, Please contact the office to begin your journey of healing! We look forward to welcoming you.